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iBuyer Hacking - How To Launch Your Own Cash Offer Platform In 10 Minutes And Make $60k In 60 days Without Cold Calling
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iBuyer Traffic Hacking - How To Ethically Steal The Customers Currently Going To iBuyers Websites To Do Business With You And List More Homes
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Luxury Listing Hack - How To Get Luxury Listings Using Your Cash Offer Software And Build A Prosperous Pipeline 
Meet Your Host
Kala Laos
Kala Laos has been a business architect for almost 2 decades; with deep experience and insight into the residential real estate industry. She has a passion for empowering real estate agents to stay relevant in the changing real estate landscape and is obsessed about the digitization of the real estate transaction. Kala's also a wife, mother, real estate broker, hiking enthusiast, Yorkie lover, and let's not forget software entrepreneur.
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